A situation where suddenly you need money, and just do not have it, it can happen to most of us. The reasons for this are different. Where to go when you need money “for now”?

When there are no savings…
Statistics show that 2 to 3 Poles does not save money. What are the reasons for this? On the one hand, it’s a matter of not being able to maintain a habit-even those small amounts. On the other hand, we are not so wealthy society compared, for example, with our Western neighbors. For some of us, monthly income does not allow us to save money for a rainy day. Another group consists of people whose income does not cover their expenses. And we’re not talking about pleasure here, but we’re talking about satisfying the first needs – buying drugs, paying bills.

How much and from whom do we borrow?
Very often these are relatively small amounts of the order of several thousand dollars-usually in the range of 1-4 thousand PLN-or even less. Their height, of course, depends on individual needs.
Where to get the extra money? Friends or family can immediately come to mind. But, unfortunately, it is not always the best choice. And not always these people have “free” cash. Most often, however, we turn to financial institutions.

Credit in financial institutions
Here we can choose between banking and non-banking institutions. The choice of this first is related to the requirements, which, as a customer applying for a cash loan, must be met. The Bank requests a certificate of our income. Based on this, it will determine whether we can repay the financial liabilities we want to attract. The result depends on the data disks. It does not matter whether the repayment is actually made – however, a substantial assessment of the creditworthiness.
The second question is the question of other possible debts. The Bank will check to see if BIC is on the list. If there we find, the chances of getting a loan are reduced or zero.

Credit outside the Bank
The principles on which credit entities, non-Bank differ significantly from those described above. Credit card companies will not check the creditworthiness. Do not require income certificates. Most of them do not check the letter BIK. The formalities involved in borrowing money are kept to a minimum and we can get cash in a very short time.

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