P2P loans, P2P landing what are they? How do they work? The basic concept is simple: let’s talk about private loans.

In recent times it is a growing market, even in Europe and Italy, and the basic concept is simple: instead of borrowing money in the bank they ask for money in advance to other people and on the other hand ordinary people can sit down to banks lending money to other people, all clear true? But one question that arises Is, Why do it? What are the advantages?
p2p loan
Soon said: If you are a person who needs a loan, turn to P2P instead of a bank can ensure lower interest rates, and on the other hand lend money to other individuals allows you interest more interesting, for example, to keep the money for to sleep in your current account.
On the other hand know that the money in your checking account will still be used by your bank to be lent to other people, but with the difference that your income would be a not very far figure at 0%.
How much can you make?

The gain is proportional to risk:most platforms categorize the various loans into categories that usually range from A++ to E, where just the lower the cateogira the higher the risk and the more and the interest offered. Categorizations are made according to various parameters such as: does the person have a fixed salary? Do you have any more loans yet? Do you have a docmentary historian? Do you have assets that can secure the loan? Etc. based on these and many other factors P2P lending platforms, assign a category and its interest rate, it is up to you then decide how much you are willing to claim.Where to start?

The platforms where you can start are many in Europe and Italy, and below you can find a short list of platforms where we at Soldionline have already invested

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