From a report developed in 2019. The main Statistical Office, show that Poles are increasingly and more willing to use loans of non-Bank contracts over the Internet. Many facts say that this is one of the most convenient forms of obtaining additional money. How to take a non-Bank loan without leaving home?

Start by checking the firm
The first and most important step is, of course, to choose an entity that is reliable. The indicators that we have to check are available on-line. Thus, it can be done without leaving home. It is worth starting with the Register of Credit Institutions, which is maintained by the Financial Supervision Commission. The register is available on the Commission’s website. Where else can it be done? In the electronic database of The state Register of the Judicial system-the actual existence of the subject, confirms the assigned number KRS. Another source is the Register of Credit Companies administered by the Union of Credit Companies (ZFP). The list of members of ZFP, which is already a reliable source of information can be checked on the website of this organization.

Compare, read the contract

The next step is to analyze and choose the best offer. It is also quite a simple matter if we use non-banking companies ‘ offer comparison sites.
If we have already chosen a credit company whose services we want to use, it is necessary to read the contract in advance, which should be available on its website in a prominent place.

Make an online application

What are the next steps of the procedure? All of them should be clearly described on the company’s website. First, you must fill out the online registration form and provide the required data. We will then be asked to verify your identity. This process is also carried out online.

Online identity verification

Verification of the identity of the borrower is a very important element of the loan process. Thanks to this, the company ensures that the client is really the person who claims to be. It also excludes fraud or extortion. The most common tools are the verification translation or Kontomatik application. The whole process is online again.

Cash in Your account

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